Biznis od šireg značaja?

Veruješ u promene? Promovišeš biznis ideju kroz nove mreže? Uvećavaš vrednost svog poslovanja? 

Impact Hub Beograd omogućava članovima da pristupe najboljim praksama i iskustvu naše globalne mreže širom sveta.

Impact Hub Beograd je coworking prostor gde možeš da odabereš fleksibilni paket usluga, da pronađeš odgovarajući program ili tim koji ti je potreban. Impact Hub ti omogućava da: • Postaneš deo jedne od najvećih svetskih mreža zajednice preduzetnika i poslovanja od šireg značaja • Ostvariš kontakt sa profesijama različitih profila, podeliš znanje i stekneš praksu • Učestvuješ u stvaranju pozitivnih promena u društvu • Pretvoriš svoju biznis ideju u stvarnost

Pridruži nam se i postani član globalne zajednice Impact Hub u Beogradu! 


Impact Hub Beograd



Uroš Lalić


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Sanja Grbić

Sanja is a graphic designer and co-founder of Styleguide studio, passionate about brand development, UX UI , startups and new…

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Mihailo Pantovic

BSC Computer science, Faculty of Organizational Sciences / ICT, Belgrade, Web developer with 3 years of experience.

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Janko Milutinovic


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Gerardo Di Giuseppe

Gerardo grew up in Italy. At the age of 23, he moved to Belgium where he built his IT career working for major international …

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Mario Milakovic

Mario Milakovic is a designer, entrepreneur and collector. In 2013 he founded and created Yugodom, the world's first and…

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Marina Ilić

Marina Ilić is Co-founder of the Via Academica and PhD candidate at the University of Lille 2, France and Visiting Professor…

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Jovana Tintor

Jovana Tintor graduated from Faculty of Philology in Belgrade, department of Albanian language and literature. She has comple…

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Zvjezdana Crnogorac

Graduated from the Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Belgrade. Client Management and Digital Marketing Expert.

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Martin Pavlik

Co-founder of EXIT Festival and related projects / spin offs: • EXIT Festival • State o…

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Ivan Stojanovic

Working as web developer as long as I can remember, loves snowboarding, surfing and good beer.

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Aleksandar Dlabač

I am a computer programming specialist, with more than 20 years of professional experience. I worked for big international co…

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Ognjen Markovic

Project architect with experience in domestic architecture. Co-founder of Trojka Projekt.

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Vuk Guberinic

Entrepreneur, startupper. I make killer pasta too!

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Radojica Radivojevic


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Oliver Schmidt

Born in Berlin, grown up near Cologne, military service in the navy, studied business administration and international manage…

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Tatjana Obradović-Tošić

Co-owner and director at Mena Group ltd, consultancy company based in Nis ( Consultant and trainer in gend…

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Dušanka Ilić

Dušanka is the Founder of MUN Planet and Kutpoint and she is a mentor at Impact Hub Belgrade.

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Danijel Obradović

Danijel is 23 years old WordPress developer. His professional carreer began in 2014. He is specialized in WordPress with an e…

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Vladimir Bjeličić

Vladimir Bjeličić (1983) is primarily a cultural worker. By profession an art historian, he is actively engaged in art crit…

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Marija Ratkovic

Art and media theorist and writer based in Belgrade. Her work deals with complex political and social issues, focusing on sex…

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Dušan Dimitrić

Bosnian hacker/musician. "The day is perfect and I hate it for being so."

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Ivan Dujović

I'm 26 years old and I'm from Valjevo in Serbia. I'm currently employed in Conda Crowdfunding in Belgra…

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Marko Maletic

I am the developer with the dog at Impact Hub Belgrade :) I've been a freelance developer for more than 8…

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Uroš Antić

Psychologist, Psychodrama Psychotherapist in training, Writer, Performer and Game designer.

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Alexandre Cosmao

French Entrepreneur from lovely Brittany on the west coast of France, I recently moved to Belgrade to work on my projects aft…

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Nikola Zivanovic

Nikola leads a small, Belgrade based, mobile design team. When not writing about himself in 3rd person he does UX, UI, builds…

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Milica Stević

Graduated graphic designer who has evolved in UI/UX designer :) Started to work with great team in Impact Hub. Passionate hik…

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Petar Milovanovic

I am an experienced developer, with diversity as a strongest trait. I worked on multitude of projects, using huge variety of …

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Magdalena Križak

Studied screenwriting at Faculty of Dramatic Arts Skils: copywriting, screenwriting, playwrighting, content marketing…

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Bojana Lukić

Bojana Lukic, born in Belgrade 1979, is a visual artist who graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts Brer in Milan. She…

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Bojana Mumovic Perusko

Mom of Una since 2015. Executive Producer at EventBox ( since 2013. Owner/General Manager at Funky Busines…

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Milica Jović

Web journalist, coffee junkie and art fanatic. Cares about the environment, writes for Widewalls.

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Miloš Nešovanović


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Nebojsa Nikolic


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Nikola Milosevic


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Nikola Ristovic

I'm a 26 year old finishing year student of ecology at the University of Belgrade. I was a professional lifeguard on wat…

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Saša Nedeljković

Diplomirani inženjer mašinstva, 5 godina radnog iskustva.

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Sava Marinković

ScanZ founder and enthusiast. co-founded mySkin, TeleSkin, All about skin analysis, diagnosis, and lifestyle-- love product s…

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Uros Milanovic

Graduated from Faculty of Organizational Sciences, IT department, in October 2014. At December 2014 starts working in Qode Th…

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Vladimir Despotovic

Startup founder , Reverse auction bidding in transport of goods

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Vladimir Trifunovic


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Zoran Antovic

I am Zoran, a professional artist, an art teacher. As a member of ULUPUDS(Association of Applied Arts Artists and Designers o…

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Sonja Jovović

Vlasnik Profy Multi Media, agencije za oglašavanje i edukaciju u korišćenju alata za oglašavanje na internetu.

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Marina Pavic

Working in web and mobile development on API, searching and indexing data

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Marina Barbalata

Marina works for Greenpeace Central and Eastern Europe, covering issues such as climate change, energy policy and organic agr…

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Marijana Bilić

Viši fizioterapeut i sert. kvantni terapeut, vlasnik i urednik sajta Planeta

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Ksenija Pantelic

I am an artist, illustrator, and a freelance writer currently employed at Widewalls

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Koohyar Movassagh

I am a creator, composer and learner. I work on many projects and exploring new things. I love meeting like minded people tha…

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Jovana Travica

Born and raised in Belgrade, Serbia where she also finished her studies of Dutch language and literature. Lived and studied E…

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Vladimir Gajic

I am an architecte working in the events organization field.

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Jovan Todorović

Jovan Todorovic was born in Kraljevo on 25 Auguste 1990, where he graduated from High School in June 2009. In September of 20…

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Josef Nygrin


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Jelena Martinović

Philosophy graduate; Currently working as a Junior Writer/Editor at Widewalls .

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Jelena Krmar

I have a master's degree in electrical engineering and work as a programmer in Byteout Software for more than three year…

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Jasmina Šević

Jasmina Šević was born in 1989 in Aranđelovac, Serbia. She graduated in Journalism from the Faculty of Political Science, …

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Irena Fabri

Irena Fabri studied at Dunav Film School, Department for Film and TV Editing, where she has graduated in 2008. She started he…

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Đorđe Šumanović

Architect by profession, co-founder of Food and Culture Tour in Belgrade. The company offers unique gastronomy tours that are…

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Djordje Abramovic


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Dejan Stojanovic

Sales Manager Financial Services Volos Natura Voćne Rakije

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Daniela Jović


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Christine Chiang

Christine is a fledgling entrepreneur and business developer. She studies Cryptocurrencies and invests in Bitcoins and other …

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Branko Zivkovic

CEO of Volta Technology • We are creating products where people have a chance to directly experience how renewable e…

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Boris Posavec

Software and game developer with everlasting interest in demo scene. Specialties: Hardware and lo-tech coding, game de…

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Bojan Miljevic

Ambitious guy with so little time to complete all of his goals :)

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Bojan Kocijan

Hi my name is Bojan, I am experienced graphic and web designer working in Belgrade, Serbia, where I grew up, and finished col…

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Biljana Purić


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Andreja Velimirović

Andreja Velimirović is a student of the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, Serbia. He is majoring in art history and is an e…

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Andjelija Kordic

Studied Photography at IED in Milan, Italy. Passionate about art, frequent visitor of exhibitions, journalist, web designer a…

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Aleksandar Gubečka


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Biljana Stefanović

Imam bogato iskustvo u raznim industrijama: TMT (technology-media-telecommunications), elektroprivredi, e-commerce-u, ... Rad…

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Aleksa Živković

Рођен у Пироту, 9. јуна 1993. Из породице разведених родитеља- отац проф…

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Igor Velicković

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Foto DV

Danijela Veličković

Arhitekta sa preko 12 godina iskustva u projektovanju i dizajniranju arhitektonskih rešenja. Poslednje 4 godine radila u Mer…

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Danilo Grbović

Danilo je diplomirani novinar FPN koji radoholičarski uvek traga za novim iskustvima, ne prestajući da ambiciozno sanja kak…

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Aleksandar Savić

Rođen 4. jula 1992 u Moskvi, Rusija. Živi u Beogradu, Srbija. Diplomirao filmsku u tv režiju na Akademiji umetnosti…

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Bisenija Mrdakovic

Bisenija Mrdaković je rođena 5. jula 1993. godine u Kikindi. Završila je gimnaziju “Dušan Vasiljev”, prirodno-…

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Matija Dragojević

Diplomirani psiholog Film i Advertising

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Olga Nikolic

Olga Nikolić

Jastrebacka prica je preduzetnicka radnja koja je registrovana 06.08 2015 god. Bavim se proizvodnjom i preradom voca i povrca…

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Djordje Stankovic

Đorđe Stanković

Djordje Stankovic (1992,Serbia) enrolled in the Film Editing department at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in 2011. During his s…

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Emira Mešanović Mandić

Psiholog sa 19 godina radnog iskustva u vođenju neprofitnih projekata. Poseduje master diplomu iz "state" menadž…

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nenad lazarevic

Nenad Lazarević

10 years in digital marketing and international management in different businesses. Nenad occupied management and consulting …

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Elise Impact Hub Mercy Corps

Elise Filo

Elise je branilac ljudskih prava i specijalista za društvene medije. Zainteresovana je za društvene inicijative i socijalna…

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Radovan Jovanović

Radovan ima više od 17 godina iskustva u medjunarodnom razvoju. Poslednjih pet godina radio je za Mercy Corps u više držav…

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Sasa Marusic Impact Hub Mercy Corps

Saša Marušić

Rodjen i odrastao u Čačku, gde i sada živi sa porodicom. Diplomirao na Ekonomskom fakultetu Univerziteta u Beogradu. Nakon…

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Ana Karabasil

Od nedavno sam član globalnog tima Impact Huba na poziciji Network operations assistant. Posle skoro tri godine rada u korpo…

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Impact Hub Coworking Belgrade Anja

Anja Simic

Rođena u Beogradu, Srbiji. Kao tipično "dete iz prestonice", navikla je na pune ulice, dinamičan život, trčanj…

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Igor Zelcević

Igor Zelcević, stalno spreman da nauči nešto novo.

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Alen Đelić

Alen Đelić

Alen je diplomirani ekonomista sa preko 18 godina radnog iskustva na seniorskim i rukovodećim pozicijama u kontrolingu, fina…

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Siniša Urukalo

Siniša poseduje preko 15 godina radnog iskustva na poslovima administracije, ljudskih resursa i vođenja poslovanja. Radio j…

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Impact Hub Belgrade Member Jovan Jelicic

Jovan Jeličić

Diplomirao sam kompjuterske nauke i inženjerstvo i imam više od 10 godina iskustva u IT podršci, korisničkoj podršci, pl…

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Impact Hub Belgrade Member Goran Riđić

Goran Riđić

Goran radi za Impact Hub Global tim i prethodno je imao slične uloge u internacionalnim organizacijama. Poseduje veliki pred…

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Impact HUb Belgrade member Lukas Lestinsky

Lukas Lestinsky

Lukas je osnivač Widewalls-a. Posvećen urbanoj i savremenoj umetnosti, časopis Widewalls ima u cilju da pruži jedinstveno…

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Impact Hub Belgrade Member Dragan Kolarević

Dragan Kolarević

Dragan je senior u Widewalls-u.

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Impact Hub Belgrade Member Fabio Martinelli

Fabio Martinelli

Moje ime je Fabio, i sa Life in Music obavezao sam se da podržim muzičare širom sveta u nameri da im muzika postane život…

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Impact Hub Belgrade Member Nevena Paunović

Nevena Paunović

Nevena Paunović je deset godina radila u kulturi kao producentkinja i projekt menadžerka. Radila je u Malom pozorištu &quo…

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Impact Hub Belgrade Member Tijana Petrović

Tijana Jovanović Petrović

Tijana je pokretačica Koba Yagi Toys – prvih društveno odgovornih igračaka u Srbiji. U pitanju su uradi sam radi…

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Impact Hub Belgrade Member Hanna Ruddies image

Hanna Ruddies

Rođena i odrasla u Hamburgu, Nemačkoj, Hanna je počela da radi za Impact Hub Global i sada je Globalni Koordinator za rast…

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Impact Hub Belgrade Members Nina Karaičić

Nina Karaičić

Nina Karaičić je novinarka sa iskustvom na TV-u i radiu. Studirala je novinarstvo na fakultetu političkih nauka Univerzite…

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Impact Hub Belgrade Members Bojan Maric

Bojan Marić

Bojan Marić je studirao na odseku Internacionalnih i Kulturnih studija na fakultetu političkih nauka Univerziteta u Beograd…

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Vladimir Đukelić

Vladimir je predstavnik nove generecije režisera iz Srbije. Dolazi iz porodice koja je bila u filmskoj industriji (brat Milo…

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Nikica Marinković

Radeći u poljoprivredi nekoliko godina i preteći trendove konzumacije hrane širom sveta, Nikica Marinković je ubrzo shvat…

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Sonja Dakić

Sonja Dakić

Sonja je bila grafički dizajner pre nego što je postanak majke 2008. godine promenilo njen život . Ono što je počelo kao…

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Nebojsa Milenkovic

Nebojša Milenković

Čvrsto verujem da je suština komunikacije da se čuje ono što nije izrečeno, da se piše ono što nije napisano, i sve š…

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Bojana Markovic

Bojana Marković

(function(airserbia, istorija) { (function() { var ja = function(stagod) { console.log(stagod); } …

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Nathan Koeshall

Nathan je napravio zapadni Balkan svojom kućom i kancelarijom poslednjih 15 godina, razvija sve veću zainteresovanost za …

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