Online and Offline Community of Women Founders

Sofija Vuceta
Sofija Vučeta

Community Manager of Impact Hub Belgrade

We are Entrepreneurs Growing Our Businesses

We are Leaders Scaling Our Positive Impact

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Women Founders = Leadership in Business

Gaia Montelatici

Co-Founder@ Impact Hub Belgrade & 
Co-founder & CEO @Venture Growth Accelerator

We as Women entrepreneurs in Serbia develop our customers by building communities. We successfully go to markets but grow our businesses at a slower pace. Here, we develop business skills and increase our access to capital. We support each other because we all win in life and business.

Women Entrepreneurs Successfully Manage their Business and Lives

Developing our management skills, habits and a mindset for growth enables us to confidently develop our businesses in line with our personal goals

Tatjana Obradović Tošić

Founder & CEO “Kad Ona Vodi”

Possibilites in Women founders community

Business Development for Women Entrepreneurs

Find Your Customers; Increase your sales; Manage your priorities and time; Grow your Team; Build revenue model and plan your finances

– Access to workshops once a week
– Access to our Knowledge Management Tool
– Access to the Women Founders Online Community

15Eur + VAT monthly

Mentoring Program

You are launching or running operations and you need to focus on core priorities to solve issues in your business models through support of business practitioners who understand where you are at

– Baseline screening and assessment

– Weekly meetings to discuss specific issues in business development

– Access to weekly workshops “Workbenches”

– Access to our online Knowledge platform

– Access to the Women Founders Online Community

65Eur + VAT monthly


You are running your business and need to get detailed and deep know-how on the strategy, methodology and tools for online business, lead generation and sales; LinkedIn and social media; Fundraising

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Mentors and Women founders

* become a part of the Women founders community

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