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Sofija Vuceta
Sofija Vučeta

Community Manager of Impact Hub Belgrade

The local and international community of entrepreneurs with solutions that are useful for markets and societies, created for even more successful startups and businesses from Serbia.

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Plausibilities in our entrepreneurial community

Connect and Plug-In

Building Relationships with entrepreneurs such as yourself, local and international business practitioners, mentors and angel investors are crucial for you to grow your idea and venture.

Our Basic Connect Membership enables you to: increase your network of trust-based and relevant professionals; access business development resources online; participate in workbenches and workshops for members.

65Eur month + VAT


You are launching or running operations and you need specific support to take care of priorities. Experienced and savvy business practitioners mentor you specifically on your focus

Models and tools need to be adapted to your own business and often this is a journey of discovery, hacking and learning in practice from positive and negative outcomes. Mentors can help you adapt models to your business goals and establish a learning-cycle that allows faster pivots and results.

65Eur + VAT monthly


You are running your business and need to get detailed and deep know-how on the strategy, methodology and tools for online business, lead generation and sales; LinkedIn and social media; Fundraising…


As a member, you get free access or priority reduced tickets for masterclasses that our advisers, mentors and experts deliver.

Meetups and Coworking

You need a space to work where services and resources are shared and available in one space; where diverse entrepreneurs can become your collaborators.

Am I in the Startup Growth Model? Or Am I Building an Organic Business?

The difference is in the scalability and rate of growth; the Startup growth model requires constant higher-risk investments and exponential growth of market potential. Organic Businesses are mainly based on sales and they are seldom attractive to angels, but more targeted by bank credit lines and loans.

Some Mentors, Startups and Entrepreneurs

Benefits for members

HubSpot for Startups – through our great partnership you can get 90% discount for HubSpot software in year 1

Confida – Through our partner Congida you can get free accountant services for the first 6 months as well as reduced price for the next 6 months!

Sky high growth – In case you need B2B sales consultancy as a member of Impact Hub you have 10% discount on all services provided by SkyHighGrowth

* Become part of our wide entrepreneurial community

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