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November’s Startup Bootcamp

November’s Startup Bootcamp for Founders

Accelerate your startup growth!

Develop your Network!

Launch internationally!

Do you have skills, experience, and networks that you bring onboard in the development of your startup? Is your vision to grow exponentially and spread your impact and business internationally?

International markets require that you know how you will dominate your niche. Once you are able to demonstrate your sound metrics, investors will take you seriously. Because you know everything about your users and customers; how to grow their numbers exponentially and how to keep them happy over time.

On the journey to build the international startup and impact you envision, you’ll meet, work with amazing mentors and advisers who are themselves, founders and entrepreneurs. You will exchange experiences and learn with and from investors, peers, and sponsors who are ready to help you succeed.

Impact Hub Belgrade is the entrepreneurial community that aims at boosting your success because this is what our business is based on.

Agenda coming soon.

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Nov 15th - Dec 14th
17:00 - 20:00
Impact Hub Beograd