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Start this year by learning from last!

Welcome to 2018 and Fear&Fail Belgrade conference #3.

Fear&Fail is about witnessing the transformation process of someone daring to get up and tell their personal story to get over or discover the fears that drive us all.

Each story reveals the path of the speaker – their beliefs, challenges, limits and breakthroughs. It’s real, authentic stories all of us can relate to, learn form and use as a tool for personal growth.

While failure is only a perspective of looking at things, fears are our underlying forces that shape our realities. The Fear and Fail method is transformative in nature as it involves sharing deep emotions in an intimate safe setting. Each speaker has 15 minutes to take us on the journey we‘ve perhaps also experienced, but didn’t reflect on in such a way.

We will start this year strong and determined to find inspirational speakers who are brave enough to stand in front of you and share their life story.
Two speakers will set the bar for this year, Jelena Radenovic and Boris Pohulek.

Jelena Radenovic
Jelana always wanted people to remember her as an actress, known by her complex, deeply emotional characters. That is still one of her dreams, but her main goal is to become a person that people can rely on and enjoy her company. She found different ways to fulfill her creative and artistic need. The greatest inspiration for her are the people, their stories and destinies. She appreciates the support her family and friends give her and she consider it a bare necessity. They played a significant role on her journey to PhD in film theory, in publishing a book about film acting, and most of all during the making of her first documentary film “Turning point”. She is now working on another documentary called “Milestones”.

Boris Pohulek (coming soon)

Limited seats are offered for the conference, so please make sure you reserve yours ahead of time. You may do that by filling in this form
We look forward to hosting you and welcoming you to our community of people with entrepreneurial mindset.

Your host Ana Lazarevic

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Impact Hub Beograd

Date & Time

January 30 | 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm


Impact Hub Belgrade


Updated on 24 January 2018