Holidays: Head start or time for relaxation
26 April 2019 - belgrade

We’ll admit, we have been a little inactive on social media lately. If you don’t mind my honesty, we have a “youth” moment happening in the Hub, so while they catch up, oh well you know how it is when new people come. But i must highlight just on social media! At the Hub? At the Hub is a different story. For example, today was all about working with reggae music while most of the country celebrate days of Easter. Among other, Hub is a working place for our Impact Maker – Marko Matejić!

I’m new here, can you tell me something more about your business?

Marko: Well the name is Marko, and i’m the co-founder of Main architects. Basically, we are a group of 8 architects and designers and we have a variety of architecture projects within interior design, urban and building design as well as conceptual development. Our daily operations are from the Hub and also we have one office besides the Hub.

So if you have an office, why becoming a Hubbster?

Marko: At first i was sceptic i didn’t know if i can work in this type of environment. I thought it looked more professional if we had an office. But the Hub is dynamic and also it makes coworking with Bojana Marković from Prored easy. I always have a parking spot at all time for my bicycle, so yeah, i like it here.

What’s your opinion on holidays and days off for entrepreneurs?

Marko: That doesn’t have any meaning for me, cuz well i’m here today. We as a team made a decision to connect 10 days and don’t work for the holidays, but i think that won’t be possible for me. I already have planned out the whole week.

Do you see that as a bonus time to finish all the piled up work?

Marko: Holidays are good for working. You don’t have clients on your back and you have time to catch up on all the things you left undone. Every hour you worked on holidays is like a plus for you and your business.

If you can change something at the Hub, what would it be?

Marko: Maybe make an training studio? So i can come here, train, take a shower and work.

Me: But that’s why we have a punching bag here.

And for the end, will you give us your autograph?

I think he got shy.

Entrepreneurs work in different time zones with diverse schedules, habits and lifestyles. There is not “a one size fits all” anymore and the question isn’t only do you adapt your work to your lifestyle or the other way around? But also who are the people and professionals you are most productive around?

Share with us what is the one day of the year that you just don’t do work?