Impact Hub Superstar – Jana Tufegdžić, Whisperr
10 January 2019 - belgrade

At the very beginning of 2019, we decided to introduce you to Jana Tufegdžić from Whisperr, founder and young entrepreneur with great ideas. Jana completed our last year’s Startup Bootcamp and also, she’s participating in the accelerator. We like to say she is our superstar!

Whisperr is a voice-based dating app you are currently developing. Can you briefly describe it to us? How far have you got with it?

Whisperr is a voice-based dating app. Whisperr users have an opportunity to represent themselves through audio profiles, and then choose who they want to get to know based on what they hear in their voice. We are currently finishing the full version of Android, as well as the IOS version of the app. Besides that, we already have a list of things we will work on and we believe that all our whisperers will enjoy the experience that we will create for them.

For starters, can you tell us something about yourself and your team? How important is dividing roles and how does the cooperation look?

Beside me, part of the Whisperr team is also Jovana Živković. Jovana is a mobile applications developer. I am a translator for Spanish, English and graduate philologists. Considering that we have been working together for a short time, Jovana and I learning how to work as a team. We’re surely establishing a routine in cooperation and trust. Jovana works full time on creating a new version of the application, while I’m focused on marketing. The exchange of information between these two fields of work is very important. Such exchange between us is eased because we have a similar style of communication, and most importantly, we share the same value system. It is interesting that we actually have met through Impact Hub Belgrade, thanks to the member of another startup with which I was also happy to meet in the Hub.

You are someone who came after he started his startup. What motivated you to sign up for the Startup Bootcamp?

I follow most of the events on the startup scene in Serbia, and of course, I follow the activities of Impact Hub on social networks. I learned about your Bootcamp last year from an associate. My initial impression was that this program was intended for beginners, those who still need to develop their idea. After talking to the team in the Hub, I recognized an opportunity that fit the needs of Whisperr.

What are your impressions of the Bootcamp and what was the outcome? How did your journey look after such a program?

Regarding the Bootcamp, the most important part for me was related to investment readiness. The number of participants in the program is limited to ten teams. So, startups were able to get the full attention of mentors and talk to them specifically about what they are doing. It is also very useful to hear what experts in different areas have to say to other teams, because you can recognize many things related to your startup. In addition to the fact that during the Bootcamp I joined with my partner, I also found the investor through Hub’s acceleration program. In this case, besides the investment, Whisperr also gets all the benefits of an accelerator. That means we can count on the knowledge, experience, and advice of experts from various fields, as well as help in securing the next round of investments.

Whisperr has made evident progress in development! The application that existed up to Bootcamp in the MVP form finally gets its full version. Complete version includes the filter that will be able to determine the location of a user, without that it’s very difficult for whisperers to get to know each other. We will also be available to iPhone users from now on as we end the IOS version of the application! The app is constantly evolving, changing and adapting: it’s a process. Next obvious step is a marketing campaign that will be presented to users with a new and better version of Whisperr.

In February you are flying to the United States to attend the Startup Grind conference. How does the preparation look like?

The stressful part of the road preparation involves obtaining an American visa, which is not an easy process and leaves some uncertainty. Second part of the preparation consists of mentoring and adopting communication models characteristic for that environment. I have mentor sessions with experts who have valuable experience, are very active on the American startup scene and are part of the Startup Grind since its beginnings. Startup Grind is one of the most important events of its kind and gathers a large number of best startups from all over the world. I am very pleased that Whisperr will be one of them, and with the investors from the accelerator, we will try to present it in the best possible light.

What are your expectations from Startup Grind? Have you set some goals?

One of most interesting elements of these events is getting to know other startups. It often happens that I get to know other teams at conferences, that are developing products that would also be helpful for Whisperr. One of such examples is artificial intelligence software that recognizes the content shown in the photos. Such a program can make an easier way of filtering  inappropriate content. It can quickly and efficiently prevent an upload of inappropriate photos. In short, one of the goals is to fully get to know this ecosystem in order to network successfuly and receive valuable feedback.

Certainly, we’d love to develop these initial contacts with investors and experts. With them, we’ll discuss the achieved results, and on the basis of this, create the conditions for the next investment cycle. People sometimes forget that it is great to get in touch, but it’s equally important to maintain those connections afterwards!


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