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3 weeks
Q&A session
07.03.2019. at 18h
Start of the Course
Why Marketing Mix Course?
Bigger picture and complete digital marketing strategy – our goal is to train course attendees to create a detailed, comprehensive digital marketing strategy that includes ALL channels and tactics that lead to ideal buyers and sale
Measurement and analytics – the feedback that comes from the target group during the campaign is very important, and is rarely used. We put a special emphasis on data analysis in order to help learners direct their campaigns to the ideal buyer
The ultimate solution for all those who, when it comes to digital marketing, do not know where to begin to set up a strategy that delivers concrete results
What can you expect as the outcome of the Marketing Mix Course?

Knowledge from the most important areas of digital marketing that enable you to:

Create a digital marketing strategy for your startup or company for which you work, which is directly related to your goals
Broader marketing knowledge that is necessary for the next promotion at work
Comprehensive knowledge of (in) key areas of digital marketing that provides a strong basis for a start
The leading successful path which will show you how to use the power of data step-by-step and apply to all business domains
Who is this course for?
Founders and co-founders of startups who need practical knowledge to perform sucessful marketing activities
For marketeers who want to improve their knowledge and skills in orther to make sucessful marketing strategy for their company
For all who want to get into the world of digital marketing and build successful marketing career
Mentors are marketing experts with over 15 years of cummulutive experience in digital marketing and successful campaigning
Anđelka Ducić
CEO & Founder Symbiotika
Serial entrepreneur and marketing geek
Matija Đumić
Founder @NewWave
Digital marketing expert focused on sales through social media and content creation
Manja Bogićević
Data Scientist Transforming boring data into profit
What will you get for 3 weeks of the course?
Data Science and Data Analysis
How to use data science and analytics so that you clearly understand your target group and improve your marketing strategy
Introduction to Data Science and how to become a top Data Scientist
How to transform boring data into profit and work with new datasets and real-life exercises in every section of the course to challenge yourself to learn by doing
How to take advantage of power of Tableau and make an impact on social networks
Introduction to Google Secrets
Google Ads
Technical aspect of SEO
SEO on and off the site
Monitoring the results
Google Analytics and Reports
Social media content marketing
Facebook – 101, ads and sales, content and algorithm
Instagram – 101, ads and sales, storytelling and growing your followers
Twitter – 101, growing your followers
LinkedIn – 101, ads and sales through ads, Sales Navigator and B2B direct sales

Course will be divided in three 9 hours blocks (every session will last 2 hours) after working hours from 18.03. to do 8.4.

Course Schedule:
Data science and Data Analytics:
Monday (18.3.), Tuesday (19.3.) and Wednesday (20.3.)
6pm – 8pm
Google i SEO optimization:
Monday (25.3.), Tuesday (26.3.) and Wednesday (27.3.)
6pm – 8pm
Social Media:
Monday (2.4.) 6pm – 8pm
Tuesday (3.4.) 6pm – 8pm
Wednesday (4.4.) 7pm – 9pm

As bonus along with 18 hours course sessions all attendes will get all documentation, tools and possibility to ask mentors any questions regarding your startup or company you are working for.

After Marketing Mix Course we will make more in-depth course for everyone who are interested in it.

Price per attendee:
350 EUR + VAT

and includes 6 months membership in Impact Hub as well as special discounts on single courses.


1. Is this course only for beginners?

Marketing Mix is for people with previous work exeprience or basic knowledge of marketing. We will work in more detail in every part of the course.

2. Do I have to attend every class?

Entire course is connected to each other. It is in you favour to make most of it, because having 3 experts in one place isn’t going to happen often.

3. Are we going to discuss and work on business problems in my startup/company?

Yes of course. We will try everything to apply to your business and help you improve or make your digital marketing strategy

4. What is Tableau 2019, and why I need it?

Tableau is the best data visualisation tool on the world. Everything that you did hours and hours in Excel now you can do in few mintues in Tableau. The best IT companies and marketing agencies worldwide are seeking for people who know Tableau.

5. Why I should apply for Marketing Mix?

Marketing Mix is for people with previous work experience or basic knowledge of marketing. You will be required to work on your communication, marketing and analytics skills. The Marketing Mix is intensive. You can calculate the Return on Investment easily. We like it when people do their own research

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