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Gaia Montelatici

Co-Founder@ Impact Hub Belgrade & Co-founder & CEO @Venture Growth Accelerator

We believe and practice diversity – we know that when IT and TECH people meet designers, business developers, marketing gurus, sale experts and startup founders then real innovation happens. It’s not magic, it’s the super-power of putting together the core diverse skills for a business that grows We at Impact Hub organize our meetups centered on startup growth; women founders and smart investments. Our amazing startups and community organize meetups such as “Java Meetup”, “Javashluk” and many more…

We would love to find more about you and your meetup community

Freequent questions

1. What are the conditions for us to be able to organize our meetups at the Impact Hub?

We believe in bringing diverse communities together – let us know what is yours and how it fits into what we do When there is a fit – we make it happen 🙂

2. What other meetup communities are at your Impact Hub?

So far we have worked with numerous meetup communities like: “B2B sales community”, “Premium Java Community; “Leadership meetupa”, “Javashluk”…

3. How many people can we fit in your space?

Pending on the space, we have hosted meetups for everything between 15 and 150 participants. Detailed list of space, space availability, and capacity you can see further below on the page.

4. Can we bring our refreshemnt, equipment, snacks...?

Both you and your partners/sponsors are more than welcome to bring your own equipment, refreshments, snacks, food…

Room availability and technical capacities
Sitting capacity
Standing capacity
Price per hour

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We would love to find more about you and your meetup community

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