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ReCap – Regional Capital Market Conference 2019

Regional Capital (ReCap) Market Conference, May 23-24, BELGRADE

Why ReCap?

Potential entrepreneurial and start-up scenes in Serbia are recognized internationally and the interest of foreign investors to invest is undeniable. At the same time, foreign investors also have a suspicion of the willingness of domestic startups for international ventures due to the lack of support of local ecosystems, or initial validation.

Important actors that make an entrepreneurial ecosystem, such as domestic investors, companies, banks, institutions of the system, have the opportunity to give entrepreneurs the credibility needed in order to later gain support from foreign investors. Therefore, ReCap Conference 2018 will be dedicated to opening the space for connecting local validators with companies and startups, and then linking companies and startups with foreign investors.


May 23rd - May 24th
00:00 - 23:59
ReCap – Regional Capital Market Conference 2019