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Gaia Montelatici

Co-Founder@ Impact Hub Belgrade & 
Co-founder & CEO @Venture Growth Accelerator

We care about enabling the development of mentors and angels for smart investments and smart growth

Mentors and Angels are key in the ecosystem we are building. They are essential for the international growth of startups and entrepreneurs

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Ask more questions than give answers – raising issues and concerns that make you think

michelle messina
Michelle Messina

Entrepreneurs, Silicon Valley Insider, Startup Investor

Mentors give back and support the next generation of entrepreneurs. In so doing, they create new business opportunities for themselves and all those involved

How to be a great mentor

Screening and due diligence for mentors

Mentors 2 Mentors

Frequently asked questions...

1. Is it wrong to fall in love with the startup you are mentoring?

2. What do I do when the startups ask for ready-made answers?

3. What tools can I use to screen and assess the startups/business?

4. How long does the mentoring relationship last?

5. Where does my mentoring role borders with consultancy?

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