Launch your business with the help of mentors and entrepreneurs from Serbia and abroad!
14 days • Hands-on experience • Networking

Impact Hub Belgrade

13 - 31 August, 2018.

31 August - Pitching Day

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Startup Bootcamp is intended for all professionals who wish to launch their own startup, but aren’t sure if this is the right move for their career and whether their idea is worth the risk, resources, and time needed for its realization.

Through direct testing, hands-on experience, and consultations with mentors and founders, you will build your MVP (minimum viable product) and learn how to present your startup both to a wide market, and potential investors.

What Can You Expect After 14 Days of Bootcamp?


You will know whether your idea is viable and feasible, how to predict costs, and whether it’s worth investing your time and resources into further development of your project.


You will connect with relevant mentors, experts, and entrepreneurs from both Serbia and abroad, who could be the key to your startup’s success.


You will gain the knowledge and skills relevant for launching a startup, and become familiar with the best tools that will help you develop your business.


You will learn how to procure resources needed for realizing your idea (through funds and investments).

Bootcamp Program:

Core Competence

In order for you to be able to turn your idea into a business, you need to know who your users are, how big your market is, and how to determine the price of your product and other financial indicators. Bootcamp is here to develop your core competencies which will help you learn how to use different tools for market mapping and analysis, managing finances, risk assessment, and identifying opportunities.

Estimating your market size,

Quantitative research,

Determining the price of your product/service,

SWOT analysis,

Cash flow charts and forecasts,

Budgeting and financial planning.

Customer Development

When developing a business, it’s incredibly important to get to know our users and find out whether our product actually solves a problem of theirs. Through the customer development approach and tools, you will find out and validate which market is the right one for your idea, test your business model and the best customer acquisition and conversion strategies, and learn how to organize your time and resources so that your project can advance in the way you want it to.

Customer profiling,

Interviews with potential clients,

Digital marketing and social media,

Sales funnel,

Proof of concept,

Product-market fit.


  • 12.00 Master class (Core Competence and Customer Development) and assignment instructions
  • 13.30 Working on the assignments
  • 15.30 Break
  • 16.00 Revision of the completed assignments, discussion, and one-on-one meetings with mentors
  • 17.30 Conference calls and meetups with experts from abroad
  • 18.30 Relaxation time accompanied by refreshments, music, and networking

Pitching Day

On 31 August, startups will present their ideas to Angel investors from Serbia and abroad. The best ones will be able to sign up for the Venture Growth Accelerator, which gives them a chance to receive an investment worth 50K euros..

Mentors & Advisors:

Paul Bell

Senior Advisor at Making Cents International

Vladimir Kopric

Advisor at Impact Hub Belgrade

Andjelka Ducic

CEO at Symbiotica d.o.o.

Lidija Rosati

CEO at Momentum Strategies Coaching & Training

Matija Djumic

Head of Marketing @ SkyHighGrowth

Jelena Sevarac

Co-owner and COO at Deep Netts

Dusanka Ilic

Chief Innovation Officer at HubRiver

Luka Pejovic

Senior Consultant at BDO Serbia

Robert Osborne

Principal at The Osborne Group

Marco Nannini

CEO at Impact Hub Milano

Conference calls with experts:

Michelle Messina

Serial entrepreneur, Decoding Silicon Valley

Jon Baer

VC; Decoding Silicon Valley

Devi Clark

Programmes Director at Impact Hub King’s Cross

Elliott Adams

Author of The Startup Mixtape

Mary Mc. Dougall

Vice-President at ASTIA investing in supernovas women-led startups

Barbara Clarke

Angel Investor, Founder at the Impact Sea and Rising Tide Europe

Adeo Ressi

Bay Area CEO and Founder of the Founders' Institute

Price per team: 330 euros

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For more information about the Bootcamp, feel free to contact us via email or phone: +381 11 408 2550