How does a startup from Serbia achieve international success?

The key factor in production and growth is talent, not capital. You know how to code, do design, create innovative solutions, but you are not satisfied with the current growth rate of your startup! You sure think that if you get the investment, all your problems will go away. On the contrary, when you get an investment you have to be prepared for a relentless game on the market.
Key to success are:
Talent – Entrepreneurial Leadership – Access to Resources – Community
Community of leaders and entrepreneurs creates a safe space for you to get out of your comfort zone, expand your network and increase access to the resources you need.
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1. Validate your idea in the Marketplace (MVP)
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2. Test Revenue Models
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3. The first investments from a business angels
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4. Identify the international market of scale
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5. Develop Business Models for market of scale
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6. Approach investments for launch in the international market
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7. Develop market opportunities in large numbers markets
8. Approach VC Investments
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9. Successful startup sale

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From MVP to Traction


  • How to get the first buyer
  • Expanding user base (and clients / customers)
  • Identification of opportunities on (which) international market
  • Core-competence of the team and leadership
  • Communication and startup marketing skills
  • Financial projections

From First Traction To Investment


  • Profiling a buyer / user / investor in the international market
  • Expanding traction
  • Revenue models
  • Strategic storytelling and investment deck
  • Entrepreneurial leadership and team growth

Some of our successful startups and entrepreneurs

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