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Women Impact Angels Investors and the future of entrepreneurship in Serbia
The Impact Angel Network, as a part of Impact Hub Belgrade, will help the development of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Serbia. It will bring to
13 December 2018 | belgrade
Do US business angels invest in CEE?
Here at Impact Hub Belgrade, we are actively building a bridge between Serbian start-ups and U.S. market. While we boost the business development and
01 December 2018 | belgrade
Startup Growth Advices From our Best Mentors
Back in 2013, a co-founder of Y Combinator, Paul Graham, wrote an amazing article about scaling and when should you focus on scalable activities as a
30 November 2018 | belgrade
John Baer - Which Startup Is Investable
The entrepreneurs spend a lot of time thinking about their business, their product, their team and how they are going to build a success. The
09 November 2018 | belgrade
Impact Hub’s First Ever Virtual Conference
Impact Hub’s first ever Central & Eastern Europe (CEE) virtual conference will take place on November 13th, (10am-1pm CET) & November
05 November 2018 | belgrade
Experts’ introduction to angel investing
Meet the experts: Marco Nannini – CEO of Impact Hub Milano, Entrepreneur, Impact Investor and Keynote Speaker on Innovation, Start-up, Impact and
31 October 2018 | belgrade
The Perspective of the Impact Angels: Milan Gizdavic
No, you don’t need to hang out at the golf and tennis clubs, drive boats and convertibles and 9 figures (escrow) accounts to invest in startups in
26 September 2018 | belgrade
Bet you didn’t know this: Reality of Being a Female Entrepreneur
Does gender REALLY matter? Female-led startups have long been suspected to have fewer support systems and face gender discrimination at every stage
25 September 2018 | belgrade
The number of those who decide to start their startup is growing, also among the founders and woman founders of these startups, there is also the
24 September 2018 | belgrade
Every angel investor knows that being in the startup game is risky. But the expert investors that know how to play the game properly also know that
14 September 2018 | belgrade