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Illiterate in the 21st century are those who don’t know how to learn
California - Almost the Perfect Learning Machine Sophisticated, Fast, Constructive, Inclusive, pro-environment, pro-people, pro-profit. California.
15 August 2018 | belgrade
In last few years we have worked with over 100 startups and businesses through different programs in Impact Hub and if there was one thing that came
09 August 2018 | belgrade
The process of fundraising and achieving the seed investment
On August 2nd, we were pleased to host Janko Stojanović, founder and CEO of Buildcon, at our regular Startup Growth Meetup. Janko shared with us his
08 August 2018 | belgrade
Introducing member -The Balkan Objectivist Center
As the member of Impact Hub Belgrade, I would like to introduce myself and my company to give insight on what we do and how we use Impact Hub.
07 August 2018 | belgrade
The advantage of startups in early stages of development in San Francisco and Silicon Valley
No, of course, they weren’t dressed in suits on the 22nd floor of the Embarcadero Center at the Bay Angels Pitching event. There were investors,
06 August 2018 | belgrade
Startup Bootcamp: What is MVP and why is it necessary to your company
The thing you need to know about the MVP (minimum viable product) is that it’s neither the prototype of your future product nor the perfect, final
03 August 2018 | belgrade
Startup Bootcamp: Why is it important to test and validate your business idea?
Ideas are like sparks that glow greatly at the moment they occur, but if they are not maintained, they can easily turn off. Most of us during a
31 July 2018 | belgrade
Silicon valley is not a location, it is a mindset
That is what you read on the wall of the Nordic Innovation House in Palo Alto, the heart of Silicon Valley! I arrived by public transport: first by
31 July 2018 | belgrade
The Mindset of the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem is "Falling Forward"
Ownership in the making of history - Agency in building sustainable business development  It always tickles my stomach to drive along the
30 July 2018 | belgrade
"Angels have a super deal-flow here and the deeper you go into the heart of Silicon Valley, the more you meet traditional investors" - says Elliott
29 July 2018 | belgrade