It’s the know-how, practices, experiences we and our startups and women foudners build. By sharing them we multiply their impact Read on and make it happen 🙂

Holidays: Head start or time for relaxation
We’ll admit, we have been a little inactive on social media lately. If you don’t mind my honesty, we have a "youth" moment happening in the Hub,
26 April 2019 | belgrade
Bojan Bošković - Learn from the experience of the best
We believe that we best learn from experience, especially the one, that entrepreneurs we admire from Serbia and our region, are building and sharing.
19 March 2019 | belgrade
Startup Bootcamp: Market sizing
Most entrepreneurs, especially at the beginning, tend to generalize the process of market sizing. During our last-year’s Startup Bootcamp held in
23 January 2019 | belgrade
Impact Hub Superstar - Jana Tufegdžić, Whisperr
At the very beginning of 2019, we decided to introduce you to Jana Tufegdžić from Whisperr, founder and young entrepreneur with great ideas. Jana
10 January 2019 | belgrade
Impact Hub Belgrade Backstage: A story about 2018
Welcome to Impact Hub Belgrade, let’s go to backstage! We’re satisfied with 2018 and everything we learned and achieved. Plenty of lessons and
04 January 2019 | belgrade
What is SxSE JAZZ - Networking Hour and why is it sexy?
Start with courage and… It’s always fun to remember the beginnings. We’re certain you’re describing your first project in detail with a huge
30 December 2018 | belgrade
Hustlers are rebels against conformity in tech and business development!
Judging from how fast the “Hustler” tagged badges went and how many people wore them, we had a majority of Hustlers for our 4. Hub-birthday.
24 December 2018 | belgrade
3 impactful messages from the Space4Women Conference
95% of high tech proposals received are created by men. Last Friday, the minister of tech and innovation dr Nenad Popović pinpointed this statistic
19 December 2018 | belgrade
Women Impact Angels Investors and the future of entrepreneurship in Serbia
The Impact Angel Network, as a part of Impact Hub Belgrade, will help the development of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Serbia. It will bring to
13 December 2018 | belgrade
Do US business angels invest in CEE?
Here at Impact Hub Belgrade, we are actively building a bridge between Serbian start-ups and U.S. market. While we boost the business development and
01 December 2018 | belgrade