Business Grows When More Customers Demand More of My Solutions

Pavle Krivokuća

Maker & Business practitioner @Impact Hub Belgrade

Develop your Business; Access Resources and Identify Ideal Investments

From launch to international markets you create value to grow customers and investments. Building know-how and relationships with local and international business practitioners and mentors are crucial for you to develop models that suit your growth

Our entrepreneurs often have some of the following questions...

1. How do I find the Investment I need to develop my Products?

2. How Do I know whether it is Better to apply for the Innovation Fund or to Bank Credits?

3. What is the best strategy to sell more than competitors on the market? Price?

4. How do I place my products in international markets without having resources to support product scale?

5. How do I get to distribution channels that sell internationally?

If you want to check out some of the answers check out our BLOG and if you want to get your questions answered check out the options we offer:


Find Your Customers; Profile Your Ideal Buyers; Develop the experience and Solution they Want to Pay for; Find More People like your Ideals; Where are they? How do you Target them?


Whether it is B2B or B2C, you are still producing content that creates value to your customers. You communicate exactly what they need online, offline and you align content, inbound and choose your channels according to where your customers are and what they do there


You do not lose leads in the process – the experience you create for them is aligned to the processes and operations


You are selling and you have identified where your revenue is coming from. What does it take your business to grow revenue now? How much of an investment is it needed for you to grow your revenue?

Some Mentors, Startups and Entrepreneurs

Benefits for businesses

HubSpot for Startups – through our great partnership you can get 90% discount for HubSpot software in year 1

Confida – Through our partner Congida you can get free accountant services for the first 6 months as well as reduced price for the next 6 months!

Sky high growth – In case you need B2B sales consultancy as a member of Impact Hub you have 10% discount on all services provided by SkyHighGrowth

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