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Pavle Krivokuća

Maker & Business practicioner @Impact Hub Belgrade

Your Ideal Customer Takes You to Your Ideal Investor.

Knowing how to ask questions to receive real inputs – and not to feed our ego – is crucial to understand our ideal customers and build relationships with partners, advisors and investors

Mentors, experts and advisors

Our startups often have some of the following questions...

1. How do I get to international investors to fund my startup?

2. How do I go to international markets with my startup?

3. Do I need to register my startup outside of Serbia to get to international investments?

4. How much equity should I give?

5. How do I know how much money I need to ask for?

6. How do I focus on international markets with limited team resources based in Serbia?

7. How can Impact Hub help me get to my ideal investors?

8. How do I professionalize my team with limited resources – insufficient to afford professionals?

9. Is it worthwhile to develop sales and marketing in Serbia since the market here is so small?

If you want to check out some of the answers check out our BLOG and if you want to get your question answered check out the options we offer.

It all turns around product-market-fit in our ecosystem in Serbia. Most of our startup founders are developing their traction pivoting and testing their solutions on the market. Whether building education platforms, social media apps, foodtech, consumer-based and B2B solutions, our startups are discovering that their customers in Serbia do not necessarily look like their ideal ones in international markets…

User and Customer Acquisition

What users and customers are you targeting and who are they; how do you set sound and achievable targets; what is your strategy and what are the hypothesis, tactics and channels you are testing.

Work with our mentors on our tools to develop:

– Profiling personas

– Hard indicators: how big is your market

– Customer Development Journey

– User experience and user-cases

– Metrics and targets

– Customer-centric Content and VP

– Dig marketing strategy – attraction, engagement and retention

Revenue-Building Strategy

Not only the valuation of your startup rises, but the risk is mitigated and you as founders have better chances to build sustainable businesses when your startup demonstrates to create revenue (besides acquiring users)

Work with our mentors on our tools to develop:

– How do you make money and where from

– Hard indicators: Cost and cash-flow statements

– Hard indicators: financial projections

– Pricing in testing phase and in intl markets

– Calculation of investments needed short and long-term

– Projections of revenue in the shorter and longer term

– Operations and processes and optimization

The Ideal Investor Path

You are discovering your customers and you have an idea of what your ideal exit looks like. These two parameters help you profile your investors – the first one should lead to the second round and so on…Fund and investment raising is a full-time activity…

Work with our mentors on our tools to develop:

– Profiling your investors

– Where are the first angels and how to approach them

– The channels, the content and the opportunities to create

– The communication and pitches for investors

– Relationship building strategies: advisory, mentors, angels

– How due diligence looks like

Startup Accelerator

We invest in exceptional hand-picked early stage startups using technology to scale their solutions meaningful to markets and societies.

The investment includes cash and acceleration services in return for equity

– Customer and user acquisition

– Due diligence

– Communication and pitching

– Trade missions to markets of scale

– Next rounds of investments

– Revenue building

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