The time is now – 1, 2, 3 and into the (air) waves we jump!
9 August 2019 - belgrade

It’s an almost proverbial saying that one day at Impact Hub is worth three regular ones. As a team, we are dedicated to supporting and developing startup ecosystem from the ground up. We are hosting mentors, investors and experts from various industries and fields throughout the year. Once a year we call it Recap and hope to showcase talent which has been dazzling us all year long. We take world renowned experts by hand and bring them closer to the local business community and articulate all of the ways their newly created connections can bring impact to this world. We listen closely. We challenge. We cheer on. We hold by the hand. We let go. We celebrate. We enter the lives of our startupers like a family and lead the way by understanding that we are learning, too. We promise that we will keep doing so and this is what creates the relationships of trust.

This podcast is a challenge for us, too. It is a different kind of exposure. We wanted to challenge ourselves. We also wanted to continue leading by example. In the past 6 months, we approached digital media in a systematic way. February through April, within Media Jam program, we’ve tested a model of building sustainable digital media, specifically podcast, with business modelling which champions community. We hosted a first podcasting hackathon ever with 18 participating teams. We marveled at people’s creativity and zeal. We learned about the creative process from the most passionate authors. We celebrated incredibly inspiring winners …and then we continued working. In 6 months, we have worked with over 20 podcasting authors and teams, developing their business skills and mentoring them in their individual needs. We built two podcasting studios.

We have gone as far as it is possible without dipping toes in this particular medium ourselves. So, we decided to change that. The result is the „Startup – the road of success“ podcast which will be before you every Wednesday. This is our attempt at building digital audio space which sounds, looks and feels like us. We want to lead conversations which are continually making us question the status quo. We want to invite you to these conversations. We wish you will feel cozy and also entertained. This is precious to us. These conversations are stuff Impact Hub is made of. These intersections of skill, experience, knowledge and eagerness to share it is what we are chasing every day. By starting this podcast, we hope you will join us in this glorious race, too.

So, hop right in, in this neverending audio wonderland. Some of the topics we will be covering are digital media, women entrepreneurs and founders and digital science. Hosts will be changing, conversations will remain riveting. We want to spotlight conversation. The exchange. We want to capture the fleeting essence of two humans excited by an idea.

If you are a startup, you will be inspired to learn more and hopefully we’ll have a chance to meet you. If you are an investor, we hope to welcome you in our growing and diverse community of startup believers. If you are a business person looking for a pick me up during lunch time, we have a thing or two we’d love to ask you and try with you. If you are a casual listener maybe completely outside of the ecosystem, well, welcome! This is a good place to start! Listen on, and then head on to our WEBSITE so you can learn more about us and all of the ways we could be a part of your business journey.

Before we go, we need to ask for your help – be vocal! We want to hear what you think. This is what we promise with the podcast: it’s going to be fun. You’re going to audio witness new people, new perspectives and new ideas. You will be challenged to do something after listening. 

These are slightly different kinds of things we also promise:
  • We will be trying things out
  • Some of our ideas will not be very good
  • Some of our ideas will be very bad
  • Some of our ideas will be brilliant and you will be left yearning for next Wednesday’s episode

All of this is to say that we will treat the podcast as everything else – an open space and a landscape of possibilities. The podcast will be evolving with ourselves, our guests and you. Maybe the biggest promise is that it will continue to grow, shapeshift and change – it will never be the same again.

And isn’t this exactly what we’re after in the first place?

Impact Hub Belgrade has started it’s own podcast – check out more about it HERE!


Author: Andreja Koršič, August 9, 2019