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Success Stories

"Impact Hub helped us in polishing up our pitch, successful pivoting and provided tools and logic to market approach."

Ruža Ilić
"Impact Hub helped us in creating our business model, narrative and value proposition. As a result we received an 80 000 euros grant from Serbia Innovation Fund."

Dejan Dimčić
"Through IHB, I got to meet amazing founders such as those involved in the startup which is Studio X Ventures first investment!"

Gaia Montelatici
"This kind of support, the chance to enter a safe working space where people understand the entrepreneurial journey we are on, is something completely unique."

Eleonora Sergijević
"The chance to sit and work with the renowned experts of the industry, local and international, and have them listen to all of 25 versions of our pitch decks, has been an incredible and unique opportunity. These kinds of programs not only accelerate startups growth, but offer an invaluable chance to startup founders."

Aleksandar Ivanović
"We had a great experience through the program and it was super helpful that it was online. Even though we had and knew a lot of things each session has given us value and moved us to work harder."

Iva Žunjić
"We are working on our project for some time now and the program has helped us to clear out a lot of things. Storytelling segment was very useful for us and it gave us a completely new perspective and direction for our market approach."

Vukašin Pejović
"The program was very useful for us as we have produced a lot of useful outputs that we can use to pitch and share to potential investors and customers. We created them through a lot of exercises and changes and the whole process helped us to better understand our position and value."

Boro Milovanović

Gender diverse startups
have additional benefits:

Meet women Angel investors

Meet C-level women executives

1k euro worth women
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Are you investment ready?
Let’s find out!

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