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the Western Balkans and Serbia

Gaia Montelatici

Gaia Montelatici

Co-founder & GP at Studio X Ventures

Founder and business practitioner who has helped 200 startups in developing their businesses and 30 to become more fundable. Contributed to raising $10M capital, attracted directly by companies, by the Impact Hub and investment group Studio X.

Marco Nannini
Entrepreneur &
Business Angel

Impact investing; go-to-market strategies; deep knowledge of Telecom and media, Energy, Consumer Goods industries
Dušanka Ilić
Founder & CEO

Sales and digital marketing esp. user/customer acquisition/engagement; deep knowledge of SaaS; virtual communities & events
Zvezdana  Bajić
Program Manager
DIMOCO Carrier Billing

B2B & B2C sales, negotiation strategies&tactics, mobile payments, revenue models, go-to-market strategy
Vanda Kučera
Head Of Corporate Affairs I&F McCann Grupa

We have successfully helped almost 30 startup teams to raise over 3M€ in pre-seed and seed funding.

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Problem 1:
Your Pitch Is Complicated and Does not Confer the Message

Problem 2:
Fundraising is a beast, it takes its time

Problem 3:
Your business design is just wrong

Problem 1:
Your Pitch Is Complicated and Does not Confer the Message

The average VC spends 3 minutes on a pitch deck. Attention spans are shorter than ever, but consideration spans are still long. People lean in if they're hooked. So how do you hook them? Deliver the message in a way investors understand it. Keep the pitch simple. Sometimes this is the hardest thing to do because you want to say it all…


  • Development of presentations / decks

  • Pitching coaching

Problem 2:
Fundraising is a beast, it takes its time

The most common problems we see during fundraising include - especially with early-stage startups:

  • Building relationships late or focusing only on transactions without knowing your investors
  • Not Knowing how Investors Think
  • As a first-time founder you are not familiar with seed rounds models


  • Meet VCs, discuss your startup, share your progress

  • Customized action plans to raise funds / investments

  • Preparation of documents for fundraising / pre-due diligence

  • Development of investors documents

Problem 3:
Your business design is just wrong

Your business design should incorporate design thinking and similar approaches that put the customer at the center of the design process. It should be employed to solve key business challenges by generating many new solutions to known problems and then designing ecosystems that deliver and capture value for both your organization and its customers.


  • Development of Go-to-Market strategies & action plans

  • Sales strategies and tactics

  • Developing Data and Analytics system

  • Financial Planning

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Maja Agić

The strongest support we received from Impact Hub was when we applied for funding at the Republic of Serbia Innovation Fund. I boldly say that our chances of success would be significantly reduced without their support.

Maja Agić

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