We measure our impact through the achievements of cleantech, digital media, gender diverse founders we supported to raise funds, get to customers and connect to targeted markets

2 M Raised for to support our startup acceleration
3.5M € raised by the startups we accelerated
500 Assisted Startups
25 000 Global Network Members

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Together we grow replicable,
scalable solutions

We address the challenges that our partners may face in reducing environmental footprint, keeping up with culture shifts, and adapting to fast changing customer behaviors

Get access to new clients with cleantech & economically inclusive solutions

Diversify your revenues with Impact hub trans-local opportunities

Increase your competitiveness with the latest industry and market trends from the Impact Hub network

Test new models and products targeting your new clients in the impact economy

The go-to place to incubate ideas, accelerate market
entry & connect to local and international innovators

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